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Others said they were swindled out of the deposit they paid for properties and jewelry for their new spouses. For example, between 20, a divorced woman in rural Huainan, East China's Anhui Province, instructed her 14-year-old daughter to marry seven different men seven different times.

Out of the 2,532 lawsuits in China filed against marriage scammers by the end of June (whose court documents are open to public), 90 percent of all plaintiffs argued that their dowry or bride price had been swindled through marriage, according to China Judgments Online, an online database of the Supreme People's Court.

He also left a disturbing welcoming message on We Phone, an app he founded that allows users to make international phone calls at low rates.

"Company owner is forced to death by his evil wife Zhai Xinxin, and the app will stop working," the message said, which also included Zhai's phone number and her national ID information.

Fortunately, Chen was clever enough to realize something wasn't right.

"I searched for keywords 'offshore oil platform dating website' and found that, in fact, this is a classic dating scam."Common dating scams, such as young men who bilk older, desperate women for cash or pretty women who convince older wealthy men to take them out on extravagant dates, can usually be avoided by vigilant users.

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