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Georgia promotes Riley to the manager position, which causes a rift between Riley and Selena.

Riley learns from Evan that Kyle is somewhere in Mexico.

Riley and Selena clash over Selena's relationship with Evan. Georgia goes on vacation and leaves Riley in charge of the parlor, which doesn't sit well with Selena. In the middle of their argument the police arrive, Riley apologizes thinking that she is the one that is going to get arrested, only for the police to arrest Kyle.

Riley offers to help Lynette out-bid Taylor for ownership of the salon. Dee Ann's relationship with a councilman gets her in hot water with Georgia; she is then fired. Georgia comes back to the spa after she hears about Kyle and find that Kendra and Jolene quit, forcing Selena and Riley to work together so they don't lose clients; Riley finds it hard to find time for her and Evan.

The pilot was written by Jordan Budde, and the film's producers all executive-produced the series alongside Hewitt.

Soon, Riley realizes that the job comes with many secrets and much danger; which is a risk she is going to have to take.Riley begins to worry about Lynette's blossoming relationship with Garrett, after Garrett asks for Riley's blessing for Lynette's hand in marriage.Jolene reunites with her teenage son, who she gave up for adoption when she was a young struggling mother.Causing him to punch him in the face and defend Selena name.Riley gets involved with a rodeo cowboy's romantic life. Kyle returns home, but his homecoming is anything but warm. A corrupt police officer continues to put pressure on Riley.

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