Dating a former prisoner

But I can’t recall a decomposing cadaver stood at the dispatch box with the stench of rotting flesh nauseating both chamber and country.She may be the plaything of her Cabinet, the tartan Tories and possibly the DUP, but the British are in no mood to have our future held hostage by whatever the Conservatives believe their own interests to be.

Fatally wounded prime ministers (John Major after the ERM disaster of 1992, Gordon Brown after 2009) have staggered on before.

Has anyone ever been hoist higher on their own petard than Theresa May?

Last July, she chained the Brexiteers to their punishment jobs: you made this mess, she told Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox, so you can bloody well clear it up.

So does the Brexit negotiating position of a country that has already given her a punishment beating for an opportunistic election.

It will kneecap the Tories if they send her into battle in Brussels on our behalf.

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