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Attraction is a completely different ball game where it’s purely front end attraction of women.

However when you do end up with the woman you want, you need to have your inner game handled in order to hold onto her.

Characteristics we don't like in other people are projections of our disowned shadow side out onto other people through holes in our boundary.

We build confidence by learning to say “No”, and to hear “No” without being upset. Avoiding situations that could involve rejection stops us building confidence because we don't end up learning to hear a “No”.

By observing your ego, you can see where you are burning your emotional energy.

When it should be kept within your sphere of control. Keep finding that business system / code for the future.

Making decisions builds your experience and therefore helps you develop intuition.

Whether a decision turns out to have been good or bad doesn't matter so long as you can learn something from it. Courage is doing the right thing, regardless of how we feel.

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