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Weaver, 2nd Mass' commanding officer, sends Tom, Hal and a small group of soldiers on a mission for supplies for the rest of the troop.While on the mission, Hal catches a glimpse of his missing brother Ben, who has been enslaved by the aliens.In the United States, the two-hour series premiere achieved a viewership of 5.91 million, making it the most-watched series premiere of 2011.The episode garnered a Nielsen rating of 2.0 in the 18–49 demographic, translating to 2.6 million viewers.

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"Young Bloods" reminded us of that by not only giving Hal, Ben, Matty, and Lourdes (not Jimmy though, he's dead) plenty of story, but also adding a group of survivor kids to the mix.He talks to his friend, Anne who tells him about his son's drawings. The alien air ships can detect groups of humans over 600 persons so he splits his brigade into smaller groups consisting of 100 fighters and 200 civilians. They are both overjoyed, yet Tom insists that they stick with the mission at hand. He then tells Weaver that he and Hal must go looking for Ben.He puts Weaver in charge of the 2nd Mass and Tom as his second-in-command. Hal, Karen, Dai, Anthony, Click and Jimmy join Tom in the hunt for food. Hal disagrees and tries to go and find his brother. Weaver declines and says they must raid the armory for weapons.The following day, the fighters and civilians begin to move. Weaver tells Tom that they can't go back looking for more food as the numbers are too large. Hal and Karen leave the group to search for aliens. Tom wrestles him to the ground and convinces him to do the job the "right way". Tom tells him after that, they will go and find him.The group finds a supply store with food and scout the area for aliens. Before the 2nd Mass leave the city, Hal gives his brother his birthday gift.

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