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Those ten amendments were the revolutionary part of the Constitution which had never been put to paper before. There is 10-15% assimilated non white minorities among Armenians, it is less than ur assimilated Tatars... This is much more effective than looking at these photos of European and American Armenian diasporas. U should learn more if u want to have proper discussion...

Nobody can look like a "Turk", it is so called "turks" who look like Armenians,greeks, Serbs, Bulgarians, Assyrians those they kidnapped and used for changing their genes, with Arme nians being their primarly source which I already showed here... This Azeri singer doesn't differ much from Masha Rasputina both with her looks and behaviour, the fact is that they are both ethnically Tatars. Here is just some of famous Armenian inventors and their inventions, Michel Ter-Pogossian - PET Scanner Stephan Stepanian - Truck Mounted Concrete Drum Mixer Agnes Joaquim - Hybrid Orchid Raymond Damadian - MRI Machine Luther Simjian - ATM Machine, Flight Sim, Postage Meter MORE Peter Vosbikian - Self Wringing Sponge Mop Boris Babaian - Russia's 1st Supercomputer Albert Kapikian - Rotavirus Vaccine Mesrop Mashtots - Armenian Alphabet Ed Iskenderian - Hydraulic Racing Camshaft Varaztad Kazanjian - Plastic Surgery Alex Manoogian - Single Handle Faucet Design Ardashes Aykanian - Bendy & Spoon Straw, 1st Tupperware Roger Altounyan - Pressured Inhaler, Sodium Therapy Artem Mikoyan - Mi G Military Aircraft Arthur Bulbulian - A14 Oxygen Mask, WWII Avie Tevanian - Mac OS X Jirayr Tezel - Hair Transplant Device Rouben Terzian - Toy Designer Semyon Kirlian - High-Voltage Photography Rupen Eksergian - Anti-Aircraft Gun WWI Hovhaness Adamyan - Principles of B&W Color TV Emik Avakian - Text to Speech, Microfilm Harry Tatosian - Ice Cream Cones, Melba Toast Hampar Kelikian - Limb Restoration Surgical Techniques Haig Kafafian - Cybernetic Communication Christopher Der Seropian - Color of US Money 1. Nonetheless, Kim Kardashian is not just a whore, but someone who wrote the book on being a whore. So, again, put something that could be comparable to Kim Kardashan in terms of whorification. Kardashian is half Armenian with NON Armenian culture, anyway Armenian girls are famous for being good girls unlike urs ...Kardashian can't influence us while u don;t need anyone to teach u how to be u know what...

They were found wandering Anatolia, Persia and the Southern Caucasus around the 11-13th centuries. The original image is sized 500x859 and weights 31KB.

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The second group of Gypsies to have appeared in Armenia ( and whose descendants continue to live) are the Bosa Gypsies (they call themselves Lom).The US Constitution had some new ideas and some could have come from the Freemasons.The bulk of it came from English Common Law, as you can see if you compare the British form of government with the Constitution. The only alteration the colonists made was to abolish royalty and the king and replace the king with an elected official. When the Constitution was almost complete, the Founders realized they needed something more to protect the rights of their citizens. Those protected speech, religion, the right to bear arms, the rights of an accused in court and established protections of citizens from abuses by the police and prosecutors.According to "Bury Me Standing, The Gypsies and Their Journey" by Isabel Fonseca.1995 Vintage Books/Random House: “ The most significant influence of Armenian on Romani was a shift in sound.

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