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Millions were watching as Kardashian—whom today's cool kids know as Blac Chyna's deceased father-in-law—tearfully read a would-be suicide note from his beleaguered friend and client, then-fugitive O. Shockingly, the prosecution would fail to enter the letter into evidence at trial—proving that no amount of forensic evidence can make up for incompetence in the courtroom.

documentaries and now-classic ads for American Express ("Don't leave home without it").

At the time of her passing, they had been married for nearly 70 years.For reasons that remain mysterious, the cringe-inducing dialogue sequences had all but disappeared by season seven.Perhaps it was because the reenacted exposition sequences risked becoming more gruesome to viewers than the crimes themselves.In this scene, while using Blue Star luminol to find blood, one of the characters sprayed too much of it, destroying the DNA.It's implied that luminol only reacts with blood, which isn't true.

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