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He jokingly wrote under the hashtag 'quadruple Oscarwinner': 'I don't blame you - if no-one kept a record of Oscar winners, I'd be telling everyone I've got four.'Thousands of Twitter users, including psychologists and mental healthcare workers, praised Little's 'destructive' takedown and issued a range of memes mocking Hunt.

His next tweet read: 'And here's how we get the increase in talking therapies staff of over 2000, some of which will overlap with the trust figure because some IAPT services are provided by trusts (although many aren't)...' Tweet 7: '@ralflittle you pointed out that mental health nurses have gone down.

In a series of 26 tweets, Mr Hunt sent the 'funny bloke' actor, 37, best known for his appearance in the Royle Family, links he claims prove he has increased NHS mental health staff in recent years.

Mr Hunt finishes the thread disputing Little's claims he 'knowingly lied' over his self-professed 'biggest expansion of mental health provision in Europe' asking the actor, who has yet to reply, for proof.

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He misled MPs by claiming there were 30,000 more mental health workers than when the Conservatives won power from Labour in 2010.Whilst this has been good for hosps, it has been challenging for MH' He conceded a little in tweet 10: 'You are correct that I did misread a briefing and tell the House of Commons that there was a 30,000 increase in mental health staff when I should have said a 30,000 increase in NHS clinical staff including in mental health...' Hunt then makes a correction: '... But 12,700 more doctors and 10,600 more nurses on our wards since 2010, including 4,300 more MH staff since 2013 isn't a bad thing surely?' He continues: 'My biggest area of concern is actually children and young people, because half od all conditions become established before the age of 14.Hunt promised earlier this year to employ 21,000 more people in mental health by 2021 - but experts warn much more is needed.He said the aim was to treat an extra one million people over the next four years under one of the biggest boosts to mental care in Europe.

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