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Compu Serve began to take out some modest advertisements for the service in magazines like , and in the summer of 1980 dropped the separate Micro NET moniker altogether.Representing Compu Serve’s first substantial investment of programming effort just for Micro NET subscribers, it was modeled after initiatives like the TRS-80 Software Exchange that was run by magazine.

The latest discovery of fabrics, many of which were made far from Timna in specialized textile workshops, provides a glimpse into the trade practices and regional economy of the day.To do so, however, might be to give Jeff Wilkins and his colleagues a bit too much credit.Still, the Micro NET Software Exchange did point to Wilkins’s evolving view of the service, just as the effort that went into creating it pointed to how Micro NET as a whole was moving out of the experimental phase, ready to take its place as an actively developed part of Compu Serve’s business model.And so, while the online programming environments sat largely unused, the email system and the public message boards were soon full of activity.Users groups were springing up all over the country for much the same purpose, but, valuable as they were, they were bound by all the constraints geography imposed on what was still a very small hobby in a very big country.

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