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Aang and Katara glowed with the force of their intertwined destinies, and they flew off to save the world. It was as natural as breathing, and everything else just fell into place. [Mai Ty Lee Azula friendship fic][Oneshot]A series of one hundred word drabbles, featuring the less glamorous but more talented Holmes brother, Mycroft. Ch 18: Azula has captured Katara, but there's some dissent in the ranks.[She walked along the line that sucked your feet to the ground and made you trudge through the tundra under the gray sky, and you could never get free, never be free, not even if you could fly.] Letter Z now up. And the only ones who knew the truth were the ones who were there for her when she needed them. Bruce's new secretary learns that Wayne Enterprises' research and development sector is called the Charm Department for one reason, and one reason only - Dick Grayson. Three-shot, 1950s setting, established Dick/Babs, plenty of father/son fluff. She thought Toph was asleep, but it became clear that she wasn't sleeping at all when she spoke: It kills him when you do that, you know. Add three forgetful Hogwarts Heads of Houses, two mischievous redheaded twins, an inebriated Seer, a toadlike witch, house elves, and some cake batter. Just a cute little one-shot in response to a challenge on the ADMM board. Gap filler to Oot P, attached to the chapter "Snape’s Worst Memory"; Minerva vs Severus; a little angsty one-shot In his first term at school after arriving at Wayne Manor, Dick runs afoul of a gang of bullies, who have discovered he can't swim and throw him into the pool to 'teach him a lesson'.

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But there was another time, another war, when she was merely another student at Hogwarts... Title taken from Shakespeare's "King Lear." Having effectively turned all of the former Robins into little more than puppets, Talia has once again gained the ability to pull Damian's strings. Trapped by conflicting loyalties Damian must choose what is still worth saving—his clone's future or the past Robins—before he becomes all Talia once wished him to be. Written for incogneatoh's prompt: "I wanna read the fic in which Bruce is so worried for Tim's safety, and/or convinced he's dead, that, on finding out he's okay, he drags Tim into a stupid big bear hug. And then awkwardness."Written for tharrow's prompt: "Maybe explore the Tim hitlist and how that effected Damian causing a change in their relationship that Tim doesn't even realise until later? You were under his control, I totally won." Post 1x26, super-short funny one-shot. One Shot: Canary talked to Batman after the meeting about what he said to Diana about Robin.

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