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If you're worried about your own relationship with a work spouse and you don't want to put your relationship at risk, answer this question honestly.

If you were single, would you go out with your work spouse?

Even if you don't feel physically attracted at the start, research consistently shows the more time we spend with someone, the more we are attracted to them.

And they're having a big impact on our real marriages.

If there's nothing going on, why would he hide seeing her?

If it's because you're getting jealous of how close they are and how much time he spends with her, seeing her behind your back means he'd rather keep himself (and her) happy than you.

I counselled a couple where the woman had big jealousy issues that – ironically - disappeared when she dated a man who had a work wife.

The first and most obvious reason is he doesn't want you to see how attractive she is or that they have chemistry. A third is that he's different with his work wife and knows you'll notice (if he fancies her, he'll be on best behaviour).

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