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Instead of nixing him because he didn’t follow your secret rules, learn polite but direct ways to tell him what you want. Myth #4: You assume he expects everything on his list.

Just go and remember: dating is about discovering, not deciding.

Before online dating can work, though, you may have to get your assumptions out of the way first.

Check that you’re not buying into these five very common myths. Myth #1: You think you can figure out what’s wrong with him by reading his profile.

I see this all the time: Women approaching reading a profile like she’s doing one of those ‘what’s wrong with this picture’ challenges. Or maybe he has a picture of his Harley and you eliminate him because you just aren’t into that biker chick thing.

She’s searching for that one thing that turns her off so she can eliminate him and move on. Maybe he mentions he belongs to a wine tasting club and there is a photo of him with a wine glass in his hand. Even if everything else is attractive, you focus on that and assume he’s a biker dude expecting you to join him. Here’s a real life example: My client, Karen, and I were looking online together.

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